EN 15085 certification

EN 15085-2 Certification - Railway Applications – Welding of Railway vehicles and components.

DVS Germany Certification In India  through WTCS  ( Franchise since 2013)

Company wishes to manufacture railway components that will be used both nationally and internationally, and these components need to comply with the EN 15085-2 standard requirements. EN 15085-2 is a European standard that specifically relates to the welding of railway vehicles and components.

Complying with EN 15085-2 involves meeting certain quality and safety standards for the welding processes used in manufacturing railway components. These standards are important to ensure the reliability, durability, and safety of the components, especially in the demanding and safety-critical environment of railway systems.

This  series of European standards of EN 15085 consists of the following parts.

EN 15085-1 General

EN 15085-2 Quality Requirements and certification of Welding manufacturer

EN 15085-3 Design requirements

EN 15085-4 production Requirements

EN 15085-5 Inspection and  testing  documentation.

EN 15085-6 Maintenance  welding requirements.

In India, Welding Training Certification Services (WTCS) has introduced a distinctive approach to assist manufacturers in achieving a specialized qualification. This process involves two key stages of support.

Stage 1: Training – During this phase, we provide comprehensive training to your welders, welding operators, welding coordinators, and your entire manufacturing team. The training is designed to ensure alignment with the prescribed standards. Upon successful completion of this training

Stage 2: Audit – The subsequent step involves an audit conducted by a senior auditor from DVS Zert / SLV located in Bangalore, India. This audit is aimed at certifying the manufacturing process for railway components.

It’s noteworthy to highlight that our certification-oriented training methodology has garnered recognition from numerous companies. Through this structured approach, we have successfully trained and certified approximately 68 companies across India.

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