Welders Training & qualification

Employing Qualified and Certified Welders and welding operators is proud for the company & the nation. WTCS offers theory & practical training to welders for a variety of job / customer requirements as per:

– ISO 9606 (International Organization for standardization).
– EN ISO 14732 welding operator qualification.
– ISO 14731 welding coordinator
– ASME – Sec. IX, (American society for mechanical engineers).
– AWS, ( American Welding Society).

In the following welding process :
– MIG welding,
– MAG Welding,
– TIG Welding,
– Manual Metal Arc welding,
– Resistance welding,
– Submerged Arc welding
– Brazing

The practical training is tailored to the specific  requirements of the standards. The individual welder will get the close supervision of experienced instructor to achieve the Skillness. It will enable the welder to get up to date information on State-of-art modern Technologies in welding  to qualify them as Certified welder. At the end of the program, the candidates shall take up a qualification test in practical and theory. Only successful candidates will be awarded a prestigious certificate with aunique badge as qualified welder.

Eligibility : 

Candidates should essentially possess an  ITI or NAC Certificate  or minimum 2 years experience  in the welding relevant area.


II. Welding technology for supervisors – welding coordinator as per ISO 14731

Welding technology is undergoing a period of rapid development especially in the areas of welding processes. Newer materials and methods. In the changing industrial scenario of globalization, It is very much essential to keep abreast of these developments and adopt them for shop floor practice, to become more competitive in busines and technology. Welding is a special process, which requires the coordination of welding operations in order to establish confidence in welding fabrication and reliable performance in service. The tasks and responsibilities of personnel involved in welding-related activities (e. g. planning, executing, supervising and inspection) should be clearly defined  to comply with ISO 14731 standard.

Eligibility :

Candidate should be Diploma Holder or  an  Engineer  or  NAC with  5 years experience  in welding.

Welding coordinator Training  programme  as per  ISO 14731.

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