EN 1090 Certifications

 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures .
Part-1 Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components.
This harmonised European standard deals with the provisions for conformity
assessment of components which imply conformity to performance characteristics
declared by the manufacture of the components..
EN 1090-2 : Execution of steel structure and aluminium structures – part 2 Technical requirements for steel structures .
EN 1090-3 : Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures – part3: Technical requirements for aluminium structures .

Ce marking & Labelling : In accordance with directive 93/68/EC
CE ( Conformity of European norms) marking gives you the warranty that the goods are delivered within a traceability and quality system that is witnessed by a notified body and confirms to the latest European standards .
CE Marking denotes that a product has been proven to meet European legislation on health, safety and environmental compliance, and facilitates free trade across the European market

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